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EU Council Tvnewsroom Revamped

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The challenge

The EU Council audiovisual team required to redesign their news video, photo & audio distribution channel into an intuitive and practical website for the media. Visited by hundreds of journalists daily, the portal offers press information and video material available for download in high resolution.

The solution

Eyecone created a web portal for media professionals, designing it to be easy to research and download the regularly updated EU related audiovisual material such as news items, stockshots or press conferences. Powered by Eyecone's CMS - Blastmedia Manager since two years, this dedicated TVNewsroom already hosts and shares thousands of EU Council's news and archives in one simple place on the web.

The result

The portal offers a clear and intuitive approach to share and distribute news material and information to the european press and public.

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European Council

Release date:

01 May 2011

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