Media training

Microsoft Europe Executives

Microsoft Europe Executives

Media training to prepare Microsoft Executives to build strong messages and to face European media.

Microsoft is an industry leader and the world's largest software company. Based in Brussels and involved in corporate social responsibility activities, Microsoft Europe works closely with a wide range of EU stakeholders including the European institutions and civil society. Many of the executives are also in contact with the Brussels-based international media.

The challenge

Microsoft Europe executives are often faced with "on-the-record" questions from the broadcast, written and web media, in particular through Microsoft Europe's citizenship project activities. Eyecone was approached by GPlus Communication to help Microsoft Europe executives, in particular new recruits arriving in Brussels, to prepare for likely press questioning and interviews.

The solution

Angus Roxburgh, a former BBC Correspondent organised with Eyecone a tailor-made presentation about the pitfalls of dealing with the media, particularly for a company like Microsoft who was, at the time, facing several major issues with the European Commission. Executives were interviewed individually on two prepared scenarios to test their skills. The interviewer brought up several "surprise" questions – off-topic – as well as issues relating to Microsoft's work.

The result

The training was extremely positive and revealed several important issues that tested the executives severely. It demonstrated that not only did the participants themselves need more practice in responding to questions, but also that Microsoft's "messaging" was unsuited to the kind of questions that "news" journalists ask. As a result, Microsoft Europe requested several more training sessions. These sessions concentrated mainly on training the spokespeople to express complicated EU and IT-related issues in a simple, communicable way and to avoid jargon.

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Release date:

15 January 2010


  1. Two-day course
  2. With a BBC Journalist
  3. Message building
  4. Hard talk interviews
  5. On-camera training

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